The bakeries to be in London

What could be more perfect than sharing time in a lovely city with someone you cherish? Except fall in love again with both, nothing. Jules (I rather prefer to give him a code name) wanted to discover places that only girls can die for : Primark, Carnaby Street and… bakeries (of course you've understood why I gave him a name code, every girl would like to have the same at home). Seriously darling ?! Ok, let's search for the decadent "Victoria Sponge Cake" or the waffle dripping with maple syrup and bananas.

After checked in at the hotel (besides, I highly recommand it : www.hoxtonhotels.com), we've decided to discover more about the area. We asked for a place where when having breakfast you feel full after.
The lucky winner was The breakfast Club. Squeezed in a little street of Hoxton borough, you cross the yellow entrance threshold and get into a cosy place where the furnitures have been choose with care. The space is separated in two kind of atmosphere : you can chose to eat on a  sort of wood farm table, getting acquainted with your table neighbour, or having a little bit of intimity deep down the dining room. The music is not too loud and you can easily exchange words with your mate.
High color place, with welcoming staff and fast service, will convince you to come back. But, let's talk about the menu.No Victoria Sponge Cake (as far as I know) but a large choice of cooking eggs, pies and burritos will charm the more refractories to English dishes. The prices are really honest and could provoke gluttony overdose. A special mention has to be awarded to the pancakes. Besides if you're fool of it you can participate to the Pancake Day Challenge and as I am not sure that you will overcome, I wish you good luck.
Note that The Breakfast Club keeps growing up and enjoys four locations in London. 

The Breakfast Club
2-4 Rufus Street
N1 6PE

The second place that made me crack up is Lily Vanilli. I was leafed through a book which sang the praises of tea and coffee places in London, when I noticed that one.
At heart of a cobblestoned courtyard, Lily Vanilli is a confined area where candy bags are used for decorating fairy light.
The counter, where red velvet cake, vanilla sponge cake and carrots cake are displayed, makes you salivate. They seem to be get out from a glazed paper pages book. While on the subject, you can find a collection of books where the recipes are revealed (unfortunately I did not buy it …).  If you have the chance to discover London when it's sunny, so do not hesitate to stop at Lily Vanili, it will be the occasion to delight with a coffee and piece of cake outside. And if you are a little bit curious, try a walk on Columbia Road by Sunday morning… flowers are blooming on the pavement!

The Lily Vanilli Bakery
The Courtyard, Ezra St. London E2 7RG

Enjoy the bakeries in London with your Jules now !

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